Here's what Parents and Players are saying about Future College Athlete Athletic College Counseling

Having kids of my own now that are competitive in sports, I see the value in what Future College Athlete affords not only the players, but their parents. Looking at everything they offer their participants, there is no way I could offer my children the same experience. I cannot wait for my kids to have an opportunity to work with Future College Athlete and be exposed to their future.

Update:We really appreciate you going out on a limb for him & using your resources to make sure he's taken care of! Thanks again Rik & really appreciate your insight!

Tony Meola
4 time US World Cup Team Member
Parent of baseball player at University of Virginia, from New Jersey

Dear Riki-Ann,
I just wanted to thank you for all your advice during our recruiting process for Garrett. We had hired an outside counselor who's advice turned out to be all wrong. Thank goodness Barron and I went to your talk at Brentwood School and we followed all of your advice. We Opened up an email account and started emailing coaches in March 2012. Because we followed your advice, we received a tremendous amount of attention from top universities that were interested in Garrett. By June 24th 2012 Garrett was recruited to Brown University, one of his top two choices. Needless to say, we were and are thrilled. We could not have done this without your help. I appreciate that you spent time on the phone with me to discuss what to write in the e-mails that we were sending to college coaches. All of your advice was exactly accurate on how the process works and what steps the athletes and families need to take to get noticed. Whenever families ask my advise on what to do to get their athlete/child noticed, I refer them to you.

Given the high level of competition to get kids into top colleges, it is great to have an avenue that sets your child apart from the pack.

Our family has been a member of the Brentwood School community for thirteen years and I give you credit for getting Garrett recruited.

Thank you Riki-Ann!

Parent son at Brown University, from California

I have two children that are playing Division I sports in college. One plays women's soccer and the other plays women's lacrosse. Both played for highly competitive club teams and had strong support from well-known coaches, but Riki-Ann at Future College Athlete gave us the edge in planning, positioning, selecting and navigating the final commitment. She has a clear, up-to-date understanding of the college sports landscape and the recruiting process. We couldn't have done it without her!

Parent daughters at Colgate University, from Virginia

Hi Riki-

Just thought I would drop you a note and let you know that Jamie will be playing football for Harvard next year! It was a long and tough process, but everything paid off!

Parent son at Harvard University, from California

Riki What can we say but Thank You Thank You! Much Love

Trula and Gary
Parents son at Middlebury College, from California

Riki-Ann, Thanks for everything, all the advice and attention you have given to our girls. We are so grateful for all you have done for Natalie and Samantha!

Brett and Marla
Parents daughters at Brown University, from California

Riki-Ann, Thank you SO MUCH for helping me through the recruiting process. You are a wonderful person.

Player at Wesleyan University, from California


The program this evening was great. The panel was diverse, and the video was both entertaining and insightful...

I really appreciate the effort that you are putting in to educating both the parents and the student athletes as to the path towards playing a sport at the next level.

Thanks again for all that you do..

Parent, from California

Hi Riki-Ann,
I just want to congratulate you on putting together a great program tonight! I found it to be so informative. I only wish Aidan could have been there (he had to study for a history test!). Thanks again for making it so worthwhile to come out tonight.

Parent, from California

Here's what Coaches are saying about Future College Athlete

Future College Athlete offers high school athletes a unique opportunity to learn about the recruiting process, while exposing them to a variety of colleges. This exposure allows the student athletes to determine what is important to them as individuals in their college search. I would highly recommend their services to any high school student thinking about playing college athletics at any level.

Keri Sarver
USWNT U-19 Head coach

US Youth soccer Adidas National Coach of the Year

I have been fortunate to know Riki-Ann (founder of FCA) for over 17 years as a college teammate, colleague and friend. Her knowledge and experience with the college process as a former athlete and coach will provide tremendous insight for both players and parents; no matter what sport a player is interested in pursuing. Seeing that Riki-Ann spent 12 years on the East Coast, but now resides on the West Coast, she has created countless contacts throughout the country that will help link aspiring college athletes with universities that fit their needs.
Personally, Riki-Ann and Future College Athlete have been an invaluable asset to my recruiting process at Eastern Kentucky University. She has organized identification camps and clinics from which I was able to recruit several players from the state of California, she has connected me with players she has coached throughout the D.C area and always makes me aware of quality players I should keep my eye on!
There couldn't be a better fit for this type of endeavor. Riki-Ann's passion, work ethic and creativity paired with her knowledge of college athletics will be a huge asset in your son or daughters pursuit to play college athletics

Lindsay Basalyga
Bowling Green University
Head Women's Soccer Coach
Former Eastern Kentucky University HC

Here's what School Administrators and College Counselors are saying about Future College Athlete

Dear Riki-Ann, Thank you for making tonight's event the best one yet. The information that you present is the most important information the parents hear all night.

Paul Gibbs   
Former Athletics Director

This is a great time for young athletes to travel to different colleges and universities in order to get a "hands-on" experience with coaches and a college campus. Future College Athlete allows for this fantastic opportunity. Through their tours, students are able to gain information that will allow them to navigate the college athletic admissions process more easily.

Shannon Brady
Brady College Counseling

Here's what Parents and Players are saying about Future College Athlete College ID Camps

This was a terrific camp and we really appreciate the opportunity for our son to get instruction from and be evaluated by this particular group of coaches. The schools represented are among my son's top choices for college both academically and for baseball, so the connections made through this camp were very important. Thanks so much for making this possible.

Baseball ID Camp Parent

Overall I thought this camp offered an exceptional ratio of athletes to coaches and we particularly enjoyed the "college talk" sessions. The coaches were excellent. I really learned a lot on and off the field.

Baseball ID Camp Player

Fantastic mainly due to great schools sending head/high level coaches & great ratio.

Baseball ID Camp Parent

Really enjoyed!! Would definitely do again.

Baseball ID Camp Parent

During the camp, I was able to develop great relationships with the coaches and learn new techniques to improve the way I play.

Baseball ID Camp Player

It was very valuable to me and my parents to have coach talk at lunch

Baseball ID Camp Player

A+. Loved the instruction. Coaches were great. Loved having the easy access to talk and interact with them. Claire loved it.

Field Hockey ID Camp Parent

Just wanted to thank you for all of your help in getting my daughter to the camp. It was everything you promised and more! She loved it.

Field Hockey ID Camp Parent

I wanted to say thank you for the camp experience for my daughter, Christiana; she really enjoyed it. Very organized and well run.

Field Hockey ID Camp Parent

Was very impressed and feel it was thoroughly worthwhile attending. Any chance to get in front of college coaches at such an intimate venue is valuable. At this stage we're looking for visibility and for our daughter to learn what she's looking for and where she fits. Plus to work with such experienced coaches/players is inspiring and motivating. Value for money is there because it's cheaper/easier than heading back east.

Field Hockey ID Camp Parent

Very good weekend. My daughter came away excited about the prospect of playing in college, and to actually meet some of the best coaches, from the big programs, has gone a long way in removing the worry that playing for a college coach would be tough. My daughter realized that the coaches are good to work with and very positive people.

Field Hockey ID Camp Parent

It was a great opportunity for my daughter and I to see a bigger and objective picture of FH out of her school setting. My daughter was so happy to get training from great and nice coaches. I appreciate that this camp gave her a sense where she is in FH and what she should do to prepare for her college.

Field Hockey ID Camp Parent

Really fun, GREAT coaching and valuable all the way around.

Field Hockey ID Camp Player

My daughter and I were very impressed with the camp and the coaches. All of the coaches presented themselves very well!

Field Hockey ID Camp Parent

Very well done and appreciated the access of the coaches. Casey really liked breakouts and play time - unfortunately we left early on Sunday and didn't get to play full field scrimmage. Appreciated quick email responses.

Field Hockey ID Camp Parent

I really liked the camp, and so did my daugther Nicole. The coaches did a great job! Nicole would love to get invited back next year. :-)

Field Hockey ID Camp Parent

It was a great set up. Thank you for including me. The ratio of players and coaches was great.

Field Hockey ID Camp Player

It was exciting to get to know the different playing styles of girls from different areas.

Field Hockey ID Camp Player

It was a lot of fun and the coaches kept us working hard. I'm really glad I decided to attend the camp, it was very beneficial and I have a lot of new skills and techniques I can practice refining.

Field Hockey ID Camp Player